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News for May 2020

Masters of Ballet Academy submitted 3 entries to the prolific Ballet Beautiful Art online dance and choreographic competition, open to ballet schools all over the world.

The judging panel in St. Petersburg awarded 1st Place in Category to every one of our three entries!!

Congratulations to the following students and choreographers:

  • Sophia Hannaford and Emma Horinouchi (Choreographer - Olga Semenova) - Winners in 10-13 Age Category
  • Vincent Fell (Choreographers - Zoe Georgallis and Vincent Fell) - Winner in 14-18 Age Category
  • Edward Harper and Aiste Stankeviciute (Choreographer - Elena Glurjidze) - Winners in 14-17 Age Category

Dear Parents & Students,

We are delighted to invite our students to join us in the debut of our 'International Competition for Choreographic Arts', taking place this June!

As I'm sure you will agree, it is hugely important for all of our students to have the enrichment of tapping into their creative expression whilst we are all in lockdown and different emotions are being encountered and channelled. We have therefore devised a new online choreographic competition, taking place over the next month and invited our friends at the International Schools listed below, to join us.

The competition is open to students from 10 years old and above, from the following schools:

  • Masters of Ballet Academy (London),
  • Bristol Russian Ballet School (Bristol),
  • Noor Ballet Fouetté (Tallinn)
  • SLK Ballet (New York)

It will be a truly International Competition and allow students a chance to release the emotions that they have encountered over the last few months, into their own choreographic work.

The age categories are as follows (age as of 20th June 2020):

  • 10-12 Years ( Category 1 Girls & Boys)
  • 13-14 Years ( Category 2 Girls & Boys)
  • 15-16 Years ( Category 3 Girls)
  • 15-16 Years (Category 3 Boys)
  • 17-19 Years ( Category 4 Girls)
  • 17-19 Years (Category 4 Boys)

The specification for entry to the Competition is to submit a Choreographic Solo of your own work, entitled "UNLOCKED HERO". The Hero depicted in each student's piece can be either of their own invention or from a book or film. Category 1 candidates from 1-1.5 minutes maximum, Categories 2, 3 & 4, 1.5 - 2 minutes maximum. The full criteria is listed below:


  • Classical Solo (flat shoes only) or Neo-Classical/Contemporary Solo of between 1.5 & 2 minutes (Category 1, 1-1.5 minutes)
  • The choreography must be of the candidates own original work.
  • In each age category, there will be a Bronze, Silver and Gold winner.
  • Candidates are asked to use any space available to them, including outside spaces!
  • The judging panel will comprise of 8 Judges, two representatives from each Ballet School
  • Candidates will not be judged on their costume, although simple but effective minimal costuming is encouraged.
  • One prop per candidate is permitted, such as a chair, hat, fabric, cane, or even another static person or pet.
  • The final date for entries is 20th June 2020. All submissions should be made in .MP4 (iPhone/iPad) or .MOV format and submitted to

Each submission must be named with the Candidates full name and Category. Please include a Sub Title to your piece and a few lines of explanation as to the character’s story, your choice of music and choreographic genre. Please then email your full entry to Fiona. They will then be placed on our secure Masters of Ballet Academy YouTube Channel ready for viewing by the judging panel at the end of June.

The Final Date for entries is 20 th June and the Award Winners will be announced in early July.

We do hope that as many of our own students as possible will enter the competition!

Very best wishes,

Elena Glurjidze & Olga Semenova
Artistic Directors, Masters of Ballet Academy