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Terms and Conditions:


All students at the Masters of Ballet Academy (MOBA) should be able to enjoy the art of dance in a positive, healthy, nurturing and distraction-free environment. Our staff will do their best to promote respectful behaviour from all students, parents and volunteers in the studio and at all MOBA Performances and events. Students, parents, family members, and volunteers are expected to observe the following school policies to ensure that each student gets the most out of their time at MOBA.

Attendance and commitment


  • All students are expected to attend all classes they are registered for, as ballet/dance is a disciplined art form that requires students to punctual and committed where achievable.
  • Consistency, courtesy and focus during classroom training are the most important components in the progress and success of our students.
  • If a student is disruptive or their behaviour in class is deemed unacceptable by MOBA Staff, they may be asked to leave the studio.


  • Students are excused from attendance due to illness, injury, observance of a religious holiday, academic examinations or a family emergency.
  • Students are expected to notify the school by email if they are absent from class.
  • Students who do not attend class on a regular basis will quickly fall behind, and not build the necessary skills and strength needed to succeed and to progress to the next level.
  • MOBA expect all forms of dance offered to be taken very seriously. Excessive absences and lateness will be noted and will affect a student’s eligibility to be promoted to the next level and impact on a student’s ability to perform in productions.
  • Payment is by full term, in advance. Once a stydent is registered for the term, no refunds can be given, unless supported by a letter from your GP or Specialist.

Easter & Summer Intensives

Once a place on one of our Intensive Courses has been taken and paid for, places may be revoked for refund only with a letter from your GP or Specialist up to 14 days before commencement of the course. Places cancelled within 14 days of the Intensive start date cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Attendance at other Dance Schools

  • If a student is attending Masters of Ballet Academy we do not advocate their attending other dance schools in diret competition with ourselves, in the Greater London area.
  • Students who live outside of Greater London and attend a local dance school as travelling mid week to London is not possible, may attend their local dance school during the week and Masters of Ballet Academy at the weekends.
  • Students may attend private lessons with teachers outside of Masters of Ballet Academy, following permission from one of our Artistic Directors only.
  • Students from other dance schools may attend Masters of Ballet Academy online classes, Masterclasses and Intensives.

Illness and injuries

  • Students should NOT attend class or rehearsal when sick to reduce the possibility of making others ill.
  • Injured students are welcome to observe their classes or rehearsals.
  • Injuries should be brought to the attention of MOBA Staff immediately in order for prompt advice to be given. Injuries should always be seen by a dance specialst physiotherapist.

MBA behaviour code

  • Absolutely no disruptive behaviour will be tolerated from dancers while in class, waiting for class, or leaving the studio
  • MOBA Staff, Faculty and Volunteers will be respected at all times.
  • Dancers will treat MBA Staff, Faculty, Volunteers and each other with kindness and respect. The golden rule: treat everyone as you would want to be treated.

Use and misuse of facilities

  • Students must use the waste bins provided. Respect the MBA Studios as you would your own home.
  • No outdoor shoes may be worn in our studios at any time.

Behaviour in class

  • There will be no unreasonable talking permitted between students in at any time in class unless the teacher asks the student a question.
  • Students may not be dismissed from class at any time without the permission of the teacher.
  • Students are not allowed to hang on the barres for any reason.
  • Mirrors may not be touched for any reason.
  • No food, gum, drinks (other than water) or street shoes are allowed inside the studios.
  • Students must show respect for the facilities and for the property of others.

Lost and found articles

  • MBA is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • Lost and found items will be held for 30 days; items left longer may be donated to charitable organisations.

Parent Rules

  • NO PARENTS MAY RESIDE IN THE RECEPTION AREA AT ANY TIME UNLESS TALKING TO A MEMBER OF MOBA STAFF. Parents of students from Junior Group upwards are requested to drop their child at the entrance doors on arrival and to pick them up outside the doors at the end of class. Parents of students in Little Stars, Foundation & New Junior Groups may bring their child into the Reception area and hand them over to the teacher and then to leave the building promptrly until pick up outside the entrance doors.
  • Students are not permitted to wait for lifts from their parents outside of the MOBA facilities.
  • MOBA staff are not always able to supervise students after the end of the class; parents must pick up their children on time or contact Fiona on 07957 867636 to arrange for a teacher to stay with their child.

Parent observation

  • Students achieve the most success when parents do not observe class on a regular basis.
  • It is important for the student to develop a sense of independence and build a relationship with the teacher.
  • Parents may only observe a class or rehearsals on observance days scheduled by the MOBA staff. If you would like to observe your child on a different day you must contact the studio and be given approval by one of the MOBA staff.
  • Under no circumstances may a parent communicate with his/her child, enter the studio or disrupt in any way a class in session.
  • Parents are expected to follow the same behaviour code as their child. Parents not following studio etiquette and behaviour rules will be asked to leave the studio.

Dress code

  • Students are required to wear suitable ballet clothing and ballet shoes.
  • Girl’s hair must be worn in a bun or neatly tied back off the face for all classes.

Gross Misconduct

  • Any student or parent who verbally or physically abuses anyone, verbally defies any faculty or staff member, commits any unlawful action, or commits any other action deemed by MOBA to be grossly inappropriate will be dismissed from the school immediately.
  • A person dismissed from school due to misconduct will not be entitled to any refund.

Class Level placement

  • MOBA Artistic Directors, and staff are committed to the technical and artistic growth of their students.
  • MOBA strives to bring each dancer to their individual potential in a supportive and nurturing environment. Level placement policies and casting in productions at MOBA are geared to the individual student and at the sole discretion of MOBA staff.
  • Placement for new students in upper levels will be based on both age evaluation and previous experience.
  • The students’ progress is then continuously evaluated, and promotion to the next level is made on an individual basis.

At MOBA we are very concerned with the proper and safe advancement of all of our students. We must make sure that a student is both physically and mentally ready to advance before they are moved up to the next level. It is essential that the body is in proper alignment and the muscles strong enough before more advanced exercises are undertaken. Advancing before a student is ready leads to injury which we strive to protect our dancers from.

Poor weather conditions

  • No refunds are made for classes not held due to severe weather conditions.

Illness or absence

  • No refunds are made for classes not attended due to illnesses unless evaluated on a case by case basis.
  • Should a member of staff become ill, every effort will be made to provide a replacement teacher.